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Non-Emergency Medical Visits

We offer after hours and weekend appointments for when your primary doctor's office is closed. 

Medical Conditions We Treat
• Eye infections
• Sinusitis 
• Allergies
• Sore Throat
• Respiratory Infections
• Insect bites
• Nausea/Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Bladder Infections
• Muscle sprains

• Headaches
• Back Pain
• Dental Pain 

Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing


Rapid Strep

Vital Signs

Pulse Oximetry

Blood Sugar

In Office Medical Visit Fee $75-150

Phone Consult/Medication Refills $50 (existing patients only)

*Additional charges may apply for medications. 

WE DO NOT ACCEPT INSURANCE. We do accept FSA debit cards, cash, and all major credit cards. 

We treat non-emergency medical conditions. If you think you may have a true medical emergency call 911 immediately!

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